Advertising & Media Buys

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

– Bill Bernbach

Advertising and media buy is at the front of delivering the proper message to customers and prospective customers. A few of the purposes of advertising are to convince customers that a company’s services or products are the best, enhance the image of the company, point out and create a need for products or services, and demonstrate new uses for established products. With an increasing number of “new media” methods, you need a guide to help you find the right mix of advertising vehicles to impact your target audience.

Effective media buying hits on two points: sound relationships with top media owners so as to present new opportunities to clients, and the influence to ensure that clients are paying a fair price.

Crystal Peak Design has a network of contacts within the Front Range—and beyond—to propel our clients message to the right audience.

Advertising & Media Buys