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These are examples of some of the videos and commercials we’ve created over the past 32 years.

We worked with Chef Angus McIntosh Jr. to develop a video about the Bocuse  d’Or Competition he participated in. The competition was held in Las Vegas, NV in 2017 at the Venetian Hotel.

Dwight Jones the Commissioner of the Department of Education of Colorado hired us to develop a video and teaching collateral for the new “Best Practices Program” he was implementing throughout the schools in Colorado.

Tucker Safety Products hired Crystal Peak Design to develop a marketing video featuring the various safety products they have available for restaurants and other industries that work with hot and dangerous elements.

Dr. Alice Vessel is a client of Crystal Peak’s. She hired them to develop a couple commercials, this commercial features the “Sedation Dentistry” and “Teeth Whitening” treatments Dr. Vessel offers.

V-Crate is a unique and one-of-a-kind shipping product. Crystal Peak was hired to show how the containers go together and how they can be used.

This is another video we created for V-Crate. It explains more about the system and how it can impact your business.