Logos and Brands


Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English—but are great in remembering signsKarl Lagerfeld

Since the days of stamping a hallmark on sterling silver pieces, or branding cattle to stop theft, business owners have known the importance of using logos to establish their unique identity. Effective logo designs are essential to business. The first thing a potential customer sees is usually the logo that represents you.

Small businesses rely on their logos for creating a positive first impression with their target customers. If a logo is a unique design, it has a potential to sway consumers in numerous ways. For many small organizations, logos are a tool for introducing a business, and its services or products in the market. Logos are also important marketing tools, which marketers know and use to their advantage.

However, extra care should be taken in creating logos if the goal is to develop a brand image for a business or convey an intended message. Careful selection of color palette, typography, and symbols/iconography are keys to success in making a lasting impression with a logo. The design should be simple, memorable and attract your target audience.

Crystal Peak Design has experience employing a reliable approach in designing logos. We research our clients’ business to determine the target customers and market to create a ‘design brief’. Based on our research, we develop many potential concepts, and refine and distill all these options down to a set of the best contenders.

We present these strongest options to our clients for their feedback. We listen to our clients’ comments, and do our best to incorporate suggestions into revised concepts. Based on this collaborative process, a refined logo is finalized, ready to be deployed across any marketing or advertising vehicle.

From years of experience, Crystal Peak has the capabilities to capture your company’s brand identity through an eye-catching design.

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