Special Effects

Photography forever captures a moment in time, evoking memories and emotion. Now your photography – personal or business – can be transformed into artwork of a whole new level. Crystal Peak Design offers a variety of photograph transformation services, including:

  • Conservation and restoration of old/damaged photos
  • Correction of flaws or imperfections (color correction, removal of unwanted content, etc.)
  • Creation of photo montages



Your child’s soccer photos can become a poster montage that looks like something from a professional athlete! Your family member’s portraits and snapshots, once faded and torn, can be restored to their original, pristine condition. Treasured photos of your loved ones can be stylized into a “watercolor” print that can resemble the style of your favorite painters.


  • Watercolor or oil painting filters
  • Water reflection
  • Ghosting effects
  • Photo to illustration
  • Pencil sketch filters
  • Photo mosaics
  • Photo to stencil
  • Convert photos to vector art
  • Selective sepia tone
  • Adding “rain” to a photo
  • High key B&W effect
  • Charcoal sketch filters
  • Color manipulation effects
  • Portrait painting
  • Halftone dot effects
  • Applying textures
  • Applying blur – motion blur, lens blur


photo restoration - before and after

photo restoration – before and after