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Crystal Peak Design was founded on April 30, 1986. The early years were primarily focused on graphic design services for local clients. Over the years, Crystal Peak has grown into a full service advertising agency, serving clients locally as well as regionally, nationally and internationally. Services include logo and brand development, corporate identity, marketing strategy, graphic design, web site development, public relations and involvement, product packaging, social media marketing, video production and more.

Crystal Peak Design is EDWOSB, WOSB, M/WBE, ESB and DBE Certified. 

Crystal Peak Design has been honored by their peers for work created since 1986. They have been recognized by numerous local, regional, national and international awards. Below is a partial list of services offered.

Since the days of stamping a hallmark on sterling silver pieces, or branding cattle to stop theft, business owners have known the importance of using logos to establish their unique identity. Effective logo designs are essential to business. The first thing a potential customer sees is usually the logo that represents you.

Corporate identity works in many of the same ways as how we refer to our own identity, comprised of the unique traits that differentiate us from the rest of the pack. Our character and personality maintains our individuality, and we express it through how we speak, behave, and even the clothes we wear.

For over a century, designers have arranged type, form, and images on advertisements, posters, packaging, and other printed materials, as well as graphics for newspapers and magazines and information visualizations. Motion graphics are equally crafted, meant to be viewed in a fixed time span, such as opening credits of a movie, or an online video.

The focus of your strategy should be making sure your products and services meet customer needs and creating long-term, profitable relationships with those customers. To do this, you will need to create a flexible strategy that can respond to changes in customer perceptions and demand. This could also lead you to identify whole new markets to target.

Crystal Peak Design has experience in the many facets of web design and development, including implementing Content Management Systems (CMS), custom graphic design, E-commerce systems, responsive design, portals and landing pages, E-mail marketing, and other custom services.

Crystal Peak has been recognized for its quality photography and video services from national organizations and we are certain you will be pleased with the results as well. Services include product photos, aerial images, lifestyle shots, construction progress images, landscape photography, and sports candids.

Crystal Peak Design has handled an array of public relations and involvement services over many years. Our objective is to evaluate the needs of the client. We tailor our services to meet the projects unique requirements.

Crystal Peak has been assisting clients who have products to roll out on the retail market. We handle the product packaging and development of marketing collateral to ensure the success of their business.

Video marketing has become an essential tool for businesses to connect with their audiences and boost their online presence, so you need a video production company you can trust. Crystal Peak Design has handled video production in Colorado Springs and around Colorado for years, and has expanded our technology and capabilities.

Crystal Peak now has the expertise and equipment to deliver 4K resolution video and high-resolution imaging for any application via aerial drone. Whether you are looking for a panoramic, eye-popping video to make your real estate listing shine; need an inspection of a commercial property, bridge, dam or utility line; seeking to show your people in your business in-action; or need a precision agriculture inspection — we have the tools to meet your needs.

Crystal Peak is a custom illustration company in Colorado Springs that has been creating illustrations and other artwork for over three decades. We can generate digital art or use traditional media. Crystal Peak Design in Colorado Springs can help you turn your idea into a real visual asset.

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Crystal Peak Design has been recognized by numerous local, regional, national and international awards. Click here to view a list of the awards we have received for logo design, corporate identity, brochures, mailers, invitations, web sites and more.

Crystal Peak Design provides innovations, options and solutions

We help you reach your target audience

By hiring smart, interesting people, challenging them, supporting them and providing them with unlimited tools and resources, Crystal Peak Design has become one of Colorado’s leading firms.

Crystal Peak Design has always been a family-oriented company, and in fact that is where they got their name. “Crystal Peak” is a family-owned piece of land that served as the inspiration for the company.

Crystal Peak has a comprehensive and talented team of designers, programmers and photographers, as well as an extended team of writers, producers and editors. Leading the team are Art Director Susanne Arens and Assistant Art Director Lourn Eidal. Both collaborate on projects and work directly with their clients. There are no barricades to prevent you from reaching the Crystal Peak team.

Above all, the entire Crystal Peak Design team is focused on providing you a final product that is highly creative, with original ideas that meet or exceed the goals you have for the project. They know that budget and time constraints are important, yet never sacrifice a creative solution.

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