‘Designers can’t get away with just making things pretty anymore. It has to be more than just pretty - it has to actually work.’
Margo Chase
Margo Chase
1958-2017, Chase Design Group (PepsiCo, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble)

Colorado Springs Product Packaging

For manufacturers and retailers, one of the vital components of branding and marketing is product packaging.

With the steep competition involved in retail, a quality package is pivotal in driving sales and enhancing brand perception.

Crystal Peak has decades of experience producing product packaging, especially retail product packaging with a particular expertise in consumer packaged goods (CPG). Examples include retail food & beverage, health and beauty, clothing, automotive accessories and pharma/supplements.

We can help you ideate, design and print a package that expresses your brand values, communicates information and protects the product at a price point that fits your budget.

We can produce a range of packaging types:


We offer labels and decals for a broad range of uses, and a variety of color options, substrates, adhesives, coatings and special treatments like special shaped diecutting, foil imprinting and embossing. We also can help you produce shipping and mailing labels, tamper-evident labels, domed decals, custom printed tape and floor graphics.

Shrink sleeves

Another form of packaing we can provide which can create eye-catching, vibrant and resilient results for your product. Shrink sleeves are heat-shrinkable plastic films that form snugly around packaging. They offer full coverage graphics along with a secure, tamper-evident barrier to give a professional look. Great for food, beverages, beauty products and nutritional supplements.

Pouches and flexible packaging

Pouches are an economical and versatile solution for items that don’t require elaborate product packaging. They are available in flat or stand-up options, along with different sizes and capacities. Many options are made from heavy-duty barrier films (clear, white, or metallized) that block oxygen and moisture, and keep your products fresh and secure.


Feature your company logo/brand, pricing, contact info, and other important details. Available in various sizes and shapes, paper stocks, color options, and coatings along with hole drilling, special shaped diecutting, foil imprinting and spot UV coating.

Corrugated boxes

If you need a sturdy box for shipping, or as a product primary or secondary package, we can help you create custom corrugated boxes. Available in many sizes and color options, in white or brown cardboard.

Folding cartons

Custom cartons come in a range of styles, sizes and lid tuck options. Whether you are selling candy, electronics, skin care, or cosmetics, branded boxes are the perfect way to stand out on the shelf. Consider a carton with a window or dispenser opening.

P.O.P. displays

Whether it’s a convenience store, grocery store or pharmacy, P.O.P. displays can add extra impact to your product pops! We can help you craft a display tailored to hold your product and feature your unique marketing messaging. Vibrant full-color printing will help you stand out.

Ask us about imprinted shopping/merchandise bags, tissue paper, tote bags, and more for your retail checkout.

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