'Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.'

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Advertising and media buys are at the front of delivering the proper message to customers and prospective customers.

A few of the purposes of advertising are to convince customers that a company’s services or products are the best, enhance the image of the company, point out and create a need for products or services, and demonstrate new uses for established products. With an increasing number of “new media” methods, you need a guide to help you find the right mix of advertising vehicles to impact your target audience.

Effective media buys hit on two points: sound relationships with top media owners so as to present new opportunities to clients, and the influence to ensure that clients are paying a fair price. As an example, we are sometimes presented with unexpected opportunities or offers that are available only to advertising specialists, which we can pass on to our established clients.

Also, we have years of experience to inform our opinions of the best ROI for advertising vehicles, placement, frequency or other critieria. In a second example, the cost of a television commercial may drop significantly depending on the channel or the time of day it is run. Also, prices will increase greatly during an election year, due to increased demand for airtime from political campaigns.

The increased use of “new media” or online outlets has also greatly expanded the potential exposure—and the complexity of—an advertising campaign. This includes the rapid expansion of social media ads.

Crystal Peak Design has a network of contacts for advertising and media buys around Colorado—and beyond—to propel our clients message to the right audience. Contact us today at 719.593.9112 or email us by clicking here to discover more of the possibilities for advancing your marketing goals.

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