Below is a variety of paintings from Susanne and Olivia Arens

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Custom Paintings


Susanne can also create a custom digital painting from one of your photos. If there are people or objects in the photo you would like removed it’s no problem. If you do not like the lighting in the photo that too can be modified. Just about any modifications you can think of can be preformed. The final painting can be output in a wide range of sizes.

Here is an example of what can be accomplished. Added blooming roses, trees in bloom, removed halloween decorations, painted in green grass and a blue sky.

About the Artists

President | Art Director | Photographer | Fine Artist | College Instructor

Susanne Arens

Susanne and her agency have been honored and recognized by local, regional, National and International awards over the past 34 years.

She works with Fortune 100 and 500 companies such as Lockheed Martin as well as a number of government agencies and international companies such as the Space Foundation as well as local companies.

Susanne has been an award-winning artist since her childhood. Her artist talents include using the mediums, inks, acrylics, watercolor, color pencil, scratchboard, stain glass, photography and digital art. She served as the Executive Director of the Pikes Peak Studio Tour for the past 5 years and as an Instructor at Pikes Peak Community College for the past 10 years.

Fluid Painter

Olivia Arens

Olivia has dabbled in the arts since she was a child. She got involved with ‘fluid painting’ in 2019, since then she’s created over 100 unique and original works-or-art and has sold dozens of paintings.