These are examples of some of the magazines and books we’ve developed over the past 32 years.

Optimal Eating Program

This book contains step-by-step guidance for a yeast-free lifestyle along with recipes to maintain the benefits of this eating program. The yeast-free eating program can be practiced without the use of medications or supplements to fight yeast overgrowth, however the elimination of yeast overgrowth symptoms are more effective with yeast fighting medication or supplements.

Space Foundation 2012 annual report

Crystal Peak has worked with the Space Foundation for a number of years. One of the many services we provide is the creating and printing of the annual reports. This particular annual report was originally meant to only be an PDF; however we eventually produced a printed version which we won a national award for.

Space Foundation 2011 annual report

The Space Foundation asked us to create this annual report for them as well. The creative brief for this was to keep the experience of reading through their year-end data fun and exciting. We printed a limited quantity of these booklets, and also helped them produce an online flip book for visitors to their web site.

Chef A. McIntosh, Jr. CEC

Chef McIntosh supplied this book to the judging panel at the 2017 American Culinary Federation (ACF) Chef of the Year Competition. It describes in detail the menu being prepared for the competition and the background of the team. The honor of an ACF award proves skill, knowledge and professionalism in the culinary industry and can further your recognition as a qualified chef. These awards represent the highest honors ACF can bestow.

Do a 180: Join the Wellness Revolution

This book deals with the philosophy and methods of conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals and offers a new approach.