A Traffic-Stopping Example of Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising may not be the first marketing strategy you would consider. But depending on your product or service, it could be a highly effective way to promote your business and boost your brand.

We understand that getting a billboard can be stressful and confusing. You would need to  research, scout the available locations, negotiate prices, and create a bold and impactful image and wording. As an example, here is a unique and creative board we encountered ‘in the wild’.

Outdoor billboard for Colorado Springs Utilities using graphic extensions and a pole wrap for the artwork that depicts a stack of toilet paper rolls

Colorado Springs Utilities produced this billboard to share a message promoting rebates for customers who install high-efficiency toilets. The angle is about saving resources, but they used a humorous slant. To add a high-impact memorable quality, they incorporated a BIG stack of toilet paper that pokes above the top of the board and down to the ground! The use of art extensions and a pole wrap creates a ‘wow’ factor for the audience who encounters it.

Key things to remember for effective outdoor billboard ads:

  • Keep it simple

  • Keep contrast in the design

  • Use a memorable design

  • Don’t forget extensions and 3-D embellishments!

  • Use the environment around the board to your advantage

If you’re not sure if outdoor advertising will work for you, or if you need help with messaging or imagery on a billboard, give us a call today.

A few examples of billboards we have developed:

outdoor billboard for Brann sullivan attorneys at law
Greater Harris county 911 safety outdoor billboard