Four Reasons You Should Work With A Design & Marketing Firm

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These days, it seems like everyone is doing their own marketing. Social media seemed to democratize the marketing industry, making it easy for anyone to advertise their business. Yet, social media didn’t put traditional marketing and design firms out of business. Why?

There are four simple reasons — and they’re the same reasons why you should hire an outside firm for your advertising needs!



While many small, medium and even large business owners have great ideas when it comes to advertising, they often lack the skills and expertise needed to organize those ideas into coherent, actionable plans.

A firm like Crystal Peak Design is able to take ideas and translate them into real-life marketing collateral. It can also create beautiful imagery and designs that will make ideas pop and actually speak to customers.


Though ideas are great, and the organization of those ideas is even better, they’re not much without a strategy. Many business owners have the ability to run simple campaigns — like holiday sales or one-off events. But most lack the ability to create an overarching strategic vision that supports the goals of the organization.

Part of Crystal Peak Design’s approach is to understand the company’s values, goals and target audience. From there, CPD creates a strategy that supports the organization in reaching its long-term goals (like acquiring more customers) and its short-term goals (like advertising for a certain event).


Of course, ideas, plans and a strategy are nothing without implementation. And this is where most businesses need the most help. Designing, printing, media buys and working with local partners takes a lot of time and effort. And when a business owner doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing, it can cost them a lot of money.

With over 36 years of experience in the graphic design and advertising industries, Crystal Peak Design is perfectly positioned to implement marketing and advertising strategies for businesses of all sizes. Their experience means it has well-established partnerships and is able to make the most of a company’s advertising budget.


One of the best ways to win and keep new customers is to create an established brand. This serves as the “voice” of the company that helps new and existing customers understand the company’s values and offerings. Though most businesses know what they sell, many lack a clear brand image.

Crystal Peak Design helps businesses establish a brand image that is incorporated into every campaign. This means no matter what campaign a customer comes across, it’s clear how the business is involved. Continuity helps businesses grow by engendering trust in their customers.

Whether you’re just starting on your marketing journey or are looking to work with a new firm, Crystal Peak Design stands ready to meet your needs. Set up a call today by emailing us at