Why is SEO Important for Business Owners?

Why is SEO Important for Business Owners?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which affects visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid (organic) results. These natural results populate at the top of the page when using a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing, which includes keywords or adwords that are the same as or related to the searcher’s query.

While search engines are a wonderful tool for people searching online however, they still need help identifying the best answer to a search query. SEO allows search engines to effectively “crawl” through a website and determine if it’s useful or relevant to the searcher’s query.

The most SEO-friendly websites are built within Content Management Systems (CMS) and more often than not are running on WordPress with a responsive design. Websites with a responsive design are able to respond to the size of any screen or web browser (whether on a computer, phone or tablet) providing the best user experience possible.

Any business looking to drive traffic to their site needs to make sure they’ve incorporated effective SEO into their site. From big names like Nike to local restaurants looking to grab part of the market in their community. Good SEO helps businesses get in front of people who are looking to meet a need immediately. No matter what your business offers, SEO is important for all businesses.

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