Avoiding Embarrassing Graphic Design Mistakes

by Lourn Eidal \\

In recent years, technology has advanced and become more affordable that allows businesses to brand their vehicles, buildings and more in colorful imagery. However, graphics and logo placement can get tricky on items that aren’t flat rectangles (e.g. business cards, web pages, vinyl banners) For instance, a layout for a vehicle wrap can be very challenging, especially on vans and buses with sliding doors. It’s important to evaluate and visualize how the name, logo, or other branding elements will appear when the doors slide open or when they interact with vehicle features that can’t be covered, resulting in costly graphic design mistakes. Here are a few humorous examples that demonstrate this in a dramatic way:

rear view of a bus with a printed vinyl wrap featuring a man and an exhaust pipe located in an inappropriate position

Working with a professional graphic design team can help you avoid these kinds of embarrassing and costly oversights. In fact, with some creativity and care in the use and placement of graphics, you can create a positive impression that will make customers talk – for the right reasons. In the example below, the handles of the shopping bag have been incorporated in the graphic printed in the sides so it looks like you are holding the bird’s perch!

With custom marketing materials like imprinted bags, not only will customers remember the experience, people that spot these shopping bags out on the street will also be impacted. This can also increase your return on investment when you spend somewhat more for custom materials instead of settling for stock items that simply “get the job done.”

example of a shopping bag for a pet shop

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