The Difference Between Your Logo and Your Brand

While a logo and a brand may seem like they same thing, they are in fact quite different. Often when people talk about “their brand” they’re referring to their logo. But a brand is so much more than a logo.

A brand is the accumulation of all the experiences, impressions and knowledge a person has about your product, service or organization. It’s through your brand that your customers, partners and even your employees come to understand what it is your company does, and how it relates to them. While a logo can trigger a positive emotional reaction from someone, it’s the experiences that person has with the brand that will determine if they want to do business with a company or not.

A logo is a graphic and/or typographic mark that allows people to quickly identify your organization. It’s through a logo that companies express some of the characteristics and essence of their brands, establishing an easy way for people to remember them. Many people confuse a brand and a logo because a logo is just one part of the brand.

Within the broad definition of “brand” there are two other key elements that help establish a brand: Branding and brand identity. The brand identity is a collection of tangible expressions of your company, like its logo, colors, typography and voice. Because a logo is part of the brand identity, it’s easily confused as the brand itself at times. It’s through these elements of the brand identity that brands are able to effectively establish themselves in the marketplace.

Branding is the actions your company takes to shape consumers’ perception of their company. Any steps a company takes to build awareness and their reputation around their products or services is considering branding. A great example of this would be marketing and advertising your business. It’s through branding that consumers see a company’s logo and come to know it’s brand.

Any company looking to drive consumers to their business and remain competitive in the marketplace must have a memorable logo, a clear brand and a brand identity that’s woven into every aspect of the branding strategy. A well-rounded brand will help your business connect with the right customers and even turn them into long-time clients.

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