What is a Professional Email Blast?

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Why Create a Professional Email Blast?

Despite the ease of connecting with others online through social media platforms, email remains king when it comes to directly connecting with customers. Sixty-one percent of consumers prefer to be contacted by businesses through email marketing. Where social media is somewhat passive (only through paid advertising will you guarantee getting in front of your customer) email is active (customers receive information directly to their inbox inviting them to engage directly with you). A whopping 92 percent of online adults use email, and over 60 percent of them check it every day. 

Not all email blasts are created the same, however. Businesses can no longer get away with simply creating a list of emails in their inbox and sending out a private blast to their customers like they do to friends or family. Consumers want to know that the emails entering their inbox are coming from a trustworthy source — one that looks professional and communicates the brand’s identity.  

Enter the email marketing services like MailChimp, iContact and Constant Contact. Through an email marketing platform, businesses can now safely and easily manage their customers’ contact information. But these platforms help businesses do so much more. Not only can these services help your business regularly send out newsletters or regular updates, but they can help convert window shoppers into buyers, increase engagement with your brand, and increase customer loyalty, brand awareness and retention. In a study on how email marketing influences consumers, nearly 60 percent of respondents reported that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions and over 50 percent of them buy from marketing emails every month. 

If your business doesn’t send out regular email blasts (newsletters, updates, sales notifications, etc.) then you’re missing out on a huge revenue opportunity. When organizations automate their emails — create workflows that send up automatic follow-up emails that welcome subscribers, send specific emails on specific dates or retarget subscribers who put items in a cart but didn’t check out, for example — they increase their revenue by 320 percent! It not only decreases the amount of work for your team, but allows you to engage on a more meaningful level with your clients. 

People are spending less time on desktop and laptop computers and more time on their phones. An email marketing strategy is key in order to stay on top of mind and in front of your consumers. While email may seem outdated or aged, it’s often the first thing people check each day. And since email can be checked from anywhere these days, consumers will often check their email while in bed, on their ride to work, on vacation or while waiting in line. 

For any business owner, it’s essential to have an email marketing service. It will not only take your ability to reach and serve your customers to the next level, but it will help increase your revenues and stay relevant in a technology-driven world. Crystal Peak Design has the capabilities and experience to develop an effective email blast campaign.

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