Why are Print Brokers Important for My Business?

A print broker, or print manager, is the liaison between the printing company and the customer, acting as an in-house sales rep for the printing companies they represent.

They’re able to assist the customer with defining their printing problems and deliver effective print solutions. And because they work independently of individual printing companies, they’re able to find the customer the best product and price for their project.

An effective print broker listens to their customers needs, knows what printer has the right equipment for that job and works hard to keep the customer’s costs down. They monitor production to ensure there are no issues; obtain job quotes from multiple printers; and provide the customer with an accurate comparison of options for them to review and approve.

The advantage of using a print broker over an individual printing company is the broker has a wider variety of resources to help the customer find a solution to their project. And because the print broker has access to a wider range of production equipment, they’re able to finish jobs with greater efficiency. But the biggest advantage of using a print broker over an individual printer is the broker stands for the customer’s best interests, not those of the printer. In this way, the print broker ensures the best outcome for the customer’s project.

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