Crystal Peak Drone Imaging Now Available in 6K Resolution

After providing drone imaging services for several years, Crystal Peak is pleased to offer upgraded 6K resolution imaging for its clients.

We have invested in a new and improved Autel Evo drone delivering 6K Ultra HD quality video, which provides superior image quality, adaptability and versatility for every lighting environment, retention of rich details in shadow and highlights allowing for greater flexibility in post-production, and features for improved shooting in low-light nighttime conditions.

This improved drone model also boasts an increased transmission radius and longer flight times to allow pilots to fly and capture your shots with greater efficiency.

When you work with Crystal Peak, you can rest assured that their drone is registered with the FAA and their pilot, Susanne Arens, has her FAA Remote Pilot certificate. Every two years, Susanne re-tests to keep her drone pilot’s certificate current. This ensures that she’s up-to-date on the latest laws, regulations and continues to hone her skills in drone imaging.

Whether you’re looking to visually attract new customers to your business or safely conduct routine procedures, our FAA-licensed UAS operator will collaborate with you to safely and legally gather stunning 6K resolution aerial content tailored to meet the needs of your project.

Contact us to discuss your aerial imaging project today!